Planning to build a career in acting? Looking for a place to get started? Then you are at the right place. N. G. Production is the solution to all your questions. Become a part of the best acting institute in Kolkata. Attend acting classes with veteran Tollywood actors like Anamika Saha, Soma Chakraborty, Kushal Chakraborty and other distinguished actors.

N. G. Production is one of the top acting institutes in Kolkata, providing acting classes that will prepare you for prospects in TV, movies, theatre, and beyond. Our course structure focuses on all aspects of acting ranging from cinematography, photography, editing, acting, voice modulation, etc. Here’s a glimpse of what our course comprises of:


Facing Camera

Learn the different direction of shots and the variation between close, medium and long shots. Our skilled and expert teachers would help you to know about the different camera angles and their meanings for visual support. You’ll also get to learn about the lens and recording part of camera, the Cliff method, etc. This entire course structure is followed by a discussion on terminologies of shots which are encountered in studio.


Scene Composition

The scene composition part consists of various theory classes and associated practical classes. Our theory classes consist of composition of the three media, character analysis, introduction of film language, camera and acting, etc. The associated practical classes focus on the scene composition, 1 shot format and composition in division format.


Voice Modulation

This part of the course would help you with scanning of dialogue, understanding situations, emotions, character sketch and co-actors. This will also help you to understand the importance of literature, music, theatre and cinema, the detail analysis of mastering body language, voice training with emphasis and scanning, pronunciation, etc.


Mime and Body Language

Mime and body Language would help you to learn the delivery of dialogue with pause acting, silent acting, balancing of audio, facial expression and body language, how to laugh as a balancing factor with dialogue and the difference between theatrical performance and camera angles.


Lip syncing

This is an important aspect of acting and we give equal importance to that as well. Our course would prepare you to mind solo and duet compositions with expressions.


We also focus on the importance of physical fitness and pranayama for voice make the course more interesting we organise impromptu acting activities such as recitation, elocution, dumb charades, situational acting, etc.


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Anamika Saha                    Kushal Chakraborty        Soma Chakraborty

Acting classes with tollywood celebrities like Anamika Saha, Soma Chakraborty, Kushal Chakraborty and distinguished actors are also associated with us.

Facing Camera :
Camera :- Recording Part & Lens Part.

Shots :- Close, medium and long & their variations, direction of shots
Camera angles and their meanings (Visual Support)
Discussion of terminologies of shots which are encountered in studio.

Camera Movements :- Cliff Methods by which Eg-Zoom, Trolley, Crane

Scene Composition :
Theory :- Composition (Three Media), character analysis / Text & Sub Text
Practical : – Scene compose, 1 Shot format
Theory :- Introduction of film language (Shot Name, Lens Name etc)
Practical : – Composition in division format
Theory :- Camera & Acting
Initial Positioning : – Frame In/Out, looks in different angles
Complex Blocking : – Cheat Look etc

Voice Modulation :
Scanning of dialogue
Modulation in 4 categories
Understanding situations, emotions, character sketch and co-actor
Importance of understanding literature, music, theatre and cinema
Details analysis of mastering body language
Voice training with emphasis and scanning
Pronunciation, modulation speech, rhythm and speed inflexion
Diction, style reading session

Mime & Body Language :
Pause acting with the delivery of dialogue
Silent acting
Physical acting
Balancing with audio
Body language
Facial expression
Looks in different angles
Laugh as a balancing factor with dialogue
Difference between theatrical performance and camera angles

Acting Skills :
Importance of physical fitness and facial expression
Pranayam for voice modulation, base control
Script reading and proper dialogue scanning

Impromptu Acting :
Recitation (Bengali/Hindi), English – optional
Situational acting

Lip Sync :
Importance of audio and lip synchronization
Keeping camera and rrs angles and zone in
Mind solo and duet composition with expressions
Incorporation of property in choreography during the music
Portion of the song and overall presentation