Want to learn dance from the best dancers and excel in leading dance shows? Then N. G. Production is the right place for you!


In association with Sandy Rong of Dance Bangla Dance fame, N.G. Production offers the best dance classes in Kolkata. But we are not just an ordinary dance institute, we prepare you to showcase your talent at major platforms including Tollywood, stage shows, music albums, and of course, dance shows for all the leading channels.


Learn from our comprehensive and professional dance training courses


Dance is a form of art. It is a means to express the deepest desires of an individual, when even the words fail to do so. Dance is the rhythm of life. It is a form of meditation. It is peace of mind, body and soul. Dance helps one to convey their thoughts through facial expressions, body language, etc. It requires proper training and discipline to learn these skills. With a proper guide by your side, you shall be able to master these techniques and develop your talents, in no time.

N. G. Production specialises in different dance categories including:

  • Western Dance
  • Bollywood Style Dance
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Eastern Dance
  • Semi-Classical Dance
  • Creative Dance
  • Fusion Dance, and more.


Learn all the professional dance moves and become a winner in every competition all around the country and beyond. With the best celebrity dancer in our team, we make sure you learn all the small details of twist-N-turn, salsa, hip-hop and so on to master the skills.


We also focus on dance-specific health and diet


One needs to be physically able to take the stress of dance. So we provide our students with customised diet charts that would help them to develop their health as well. We also help on developing body structure and correct postures required for the dance forms by preparing quality exercise and cardio routines according to one’s body requirements.


For scholars and students desiring to take up dance as their career, your search ends right here — we are one of the best dance academies in Kolkata. Complete your research in dance with the leading dancer of Kolkata by your side from the best dance research institute of Kolkata. People of all age and background can join us, for the best professional dance courses.


Get all these advantages, at reasonable fees and flexible timings. At N.G. Production, we offer dance courses in two forms: a certificate course of 6 months and a Diploma course of 12 months.

So why wait indeed! Contact us today to get enrolled for our upcoming classes. Get in touch with us over phone or via e-mail for more details.


Sandy Rong

Dance with Sandy Rong for tollywood upcoming movies, stage shows, music albums for all channels.

Dance Categories :
Bollywood Style / Contemporary
Semi-Classical/ Creative