Key Concept

Organizer Desk

BANGLAR SWAPNO SUNDARI is a brainchild of N.G Debnath. Shri debnath is an eminent industrialist and is the proprietor of Debnath Construction, New Debnath Cycle, CEO of N. G production and many other companies.

Apart form being a successful entrepreneur Shri Debnath is an social figure. He is an esteemed executive member (kolkata) of International Human Rights Commission (Public trust) and various other prestigious organisation.

BANGLAR SWAPNO SUNDARI is a never before attempt to organise a grand beauty pageant for the upcoming models from in and around West Bengal to give them an opportunity to find name and fame in the entertainment and glamour world.

Key Point of Concept

An exclusive beauty contest along with the glittering fashion show and reality show. It has a competition based on modelling talent Search.
40 participants will perform their talent
First and second round will be based on theme, and there is elimination in every round.
40-20=20 participants will perform
20 participants will be groomed a star club by production house.
Quarter-final, semi-final and final round will be held in space circle club.
3 finalists will be honoured with crowned and cash prize. Champion will be given chance to perform as an actress in tollywood.
Grand finale will be telecasted on a popular satellite channel
In between telecast date, all the festive modes will be explored.
Back stage fact will be shown in episode.(practice, participant’s relationship, relation with trainer, ups and downs).
A model groomer from popular house will groom the participants.
Four celebrity judges will be present from various fields.


Dance performance by 20 participants
Fashion show
Celebrity dance performance
Item dance
Question-answer round
Filmy romantic dance performance
Comedy show
Song performance by famous singers.
Judges comment
Glorious entry of the sponsors.
Prize distribution
The show will be presented like an event.
20 participants will be introduced with their personal a/v.

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