Want to build a career in modelling? N. G. production is the top modelling institute in Kolkata that can help you achieve your dream career.

N. G. Production is a dynamic modelling training institute with highly experienced training staff. We offer an updated course that not only gives an insight to the modelling industry, but also a practical training and experience on what is expected by the industry, which provides competitive advantages to all our students.

Get yourself groomed by the celebrity groomer Anup Singh, from Mumbai — the ramp/fashion model choreographer and style director from Bollywood and Tollywood. Get ready to set the ramp on fire with your talent — all you need is the platform. We, at N. G. Production, provide you with the opportunity to get to that platform.

We offer a well-prepared course that covers every field of modelling to get you ready for the brighter future in the modelling career. The structure of our course is comprised of the following features.

Professional Modelling (Ramp, Still, Print), Cat Walking (Ramp)

This part of the course focuses on teaching the proper body balancing and grammar of walking. Different individual has different walking style and body balance. It is essential to groom them to perfection. The course also emphasizes on taking proper stances and different turns on ramp while maintaining the required body language.

Still and Print Modelling

This segment of the course helps one to develop their body language, flair in fashion and passion of poise. Our panel of grooming experts helps instilling the right attitude, poise, grace and style essential for world-class modeling.

Contest Preparation

To be a successful model, one needs to compete and win various modeling contests. Our grooming plan covers that aspect of modeling as well. Self-introduction is an essential part of modeling. A person, who can confidently introduce themselves, is one step ahead of other contestants in any modeling contest. One needs to learn and develop the art of speech. Words can easily win hearts of many, if the attitude is right as well.

At N. G. Production, the leading institute for modeling, we also conduct discussion on questions asked in various modeling contest, compiled together from several sources. We also focus on preparing the individuals for judges’ rounds.

Get affiliated with the best modeling agencies through us and have a bright future in the modeling industry.  Join the best modeling institute of Kolkata today, for a brighter future tomorrow!

Admissions are open for the 6-month certificate courses and 12-months Diploma courses. Get in touch with us today over phone or via e-mail. You can also drop by our branch office. For details, visit our contact us page.


Anup Singh

Modelling classes with celebrity groomer Anup Singh from Mumbai, The ramp, fashion model choreographer & Style director in films.

Professional Modelling (Ramp, Still, Print) :
Cat Walking (Ramp) :
Proper body balancing and grammar of walking for individuals
Taking stances and different turns on ramp and body language

Still & Print Modelling :
Developing body language, Fashion flair & passion of poise
Grooming analysis and Instigating attitude, poise, grace & style

Contest Preparation :
Self introduction art & development of speech
Discussion on compiled beauty-pageants’ Q’s and answer round
Judges view